The Biggest Loser

Well, I never thought I would be interested in “reality” tv or anything like The Biggest Loser.  It shows me that anything can happen.  I was flipping through channels last fall, around Thanksgiving.  I saw some biggest loser contestants, running a marathon and crying.  I couldn’t put the remote down.  I had it suspended in mid air wondering, “what is this?”  Are these people going to keel over an die.  Well, from the moment on, I was hooked.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Just months earlier, they couldn’t run the last mile of this marathon-26.2 miles.

I was amazed at their exhilaration and amazement that they had done it.  What joy and huge quantum leap that took place for them.  They for years never thought they would do such a thing and now they are doing it.  It made me think about my own life, weight issues and all, how I might be holding me back from doing something I wanted to do.

I waited for the new Biggest Loser Season to start on 1-4-2010.  I saw what the pain of their addiction to food caused them.  Most of them had scene the program and had already been inspired what they saw to take the next step apply to be a contestant.  When selected they were to do their first weigh-in in front of the peers, neighbors, friends, family in their home town.  It was amazing.  How  shaming and deshaming at the same time.  People were gasping at their excess weight but also cheering them on for their determination and bravery.   They were crying and humilated, but hopeful and exhilarated because they were taking a hug step (no pun intended) to freedom.  They knew it was going to hurt and be the toughest thing in their life.

How many lessons in all this there is for recovery.  We have to get to a place where we don’t care so much about saving face.  There is a phrase in 12 steps.  “You can’t save your face and your ass at the same time.”  (sorry for the colorful language, but something is lost if it is censored)

We have to take the first step rather than just keep on wishing things would be different.

We need to realize that anything is possible.  There is something really amazing when someone who has already lost 100 + pounds is running a marathon, even though they still may be overweight, is facing their pain and breaking past the barriers that hold them back.  It makes you consider what is holding you back.

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