A Program of Recovery – Podcasts for Recovering People

Bringing the message of recovery through podcasts.  Whether you are in the car, at the gym, or working while listening, you can continue on the journey of recovery with Erik Bohlin, M.A.  We will talk about the tools and principals that will help you through alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, problem gambling, overeating or compulsive spending.  Addicts are sensitive people at heart and since “day 1”  they were looking for something to numb themselves with just to get through life.  A program of recovery can be the new shock absorber in your life to help you deal with life’s bumps in the road.

Erik will share with humor and sensitivity the nature of addiction and the tools for recovery.

4 thoughts on “A Program of Recovery – Podcasts for Recovering People

  1. Pat

    I looked for your Podcast on iTunes and found one called “Hope For Recovery” with a picture of a guy that sort of looks like you. I was able to obtain episodes 1 & 3, but it appears that the second episode is not available.


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