Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness in this difficult journey

I am copying this statement I had written on a back of a piece of scrap paper.  I turned it over and saw the date – April 21, 2012.  Wow!   It was written about a week after my father passed away — on the back side of directions I had printed out for myself.  I kept it all this time and really didn’t do anything with it until now.

Forgiveness is key.  It is the relinquishing the desire to punish.  It unlocks the door to loving again.  It is so easy to not forgive someone out of a sense of “justice” or “punishing” the other person for their wrongs.  Unforgiveness boils down to hatred at it core.  It doesn’t see that everyone is human and is afflicted with sin and imperfection.  All need forgiveness and not one of us can throw stones.  To pick up a stone means I have not sinned.

Life is a difficult journey.  There are going to be some joys, but there will also be pain and suffering, often caused by others.  Unforgiveness just prolongs the suffering.  To be happy is to accept the hardships and to let go of wrongs.  To freely love and forgive as we have received love and forgiveness ourselves.  The quicker we do this, the sooner we a blessed.

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