Financial Panic

The whole world seems to be talking about money.  We watch the news — not to see what’s happening with wars with the latest crime.  But to see what’s going to happen to our pocketbooks.  Will our money to keep its worth?  Will our outstanding debts collected?  Will we keep our job?

This is what we need to do.  We need to stay calm.  In staying calm, we do a number of things.  We actually help the blood flow goes to the prefrontal cortex of our brain.  When we are in a panic, our limbic system is activated.  That is causing us to go into a fight or flight mode.  We think “all or nothing.”  We think fight or flight.  We are binary and not analogue (for the techies our there.)   So we flee from our pocketbooks, our bank statements, our creditors and collection notices.   We don’t necessarily flee overtly, but unconsciously we don’t carry the checkbook with us.  We hide her bills unconsciously, we don’t open them up.  We do everything we can to avoid looking at the bottom line.  The bottom line is how much we owe. In anything else we might schedule our appointments.  We would write important dates so that we remember them.  But when it comes to money, we don’t do this.  Then we wonder why we our overdrawn.

So how can we survive if we do this?  The answer is we can’t, well, we may survive, but we may not thrive.  There is an answer to all this.  It is simple.

We must look at our finances.  Simple.  We look at what we have (inflow) and what we must give away (outflow).  We track these items when they happen.  In the old days, you might be able to let it slide a few days and not have problems.  Today, things are faster.  The bank is tracking things immediately.  How many of us let the bank track our expenditures.  Is this a really good idea?  It is not about the bank being dishonest.   It is about how we should track our own money.  We should know what we have and what we don’t have and what we owe.  We keep track of our own children, our home, our health, and many other things.  Because of fear, we consciously or unconsciously choose not to do this.  Let us for today, begin to look at these.  Let us lose the panic, the fear, the denial.  By God’s grace let us choose to be free in this area.

By God’s Grace,


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